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‘ScluseTV Ep.2: A Day In The Life of the ‘Scluse

March 9, 2012 in 'ScluseTV

‘ScluseTV Ep.2: A Day In The Life of the ‘Scluse from The Scluse Tube.

High adventure in the 'scluse outdoors! In the 2nd episode of 'ScluseTV, Scrump and The Guy take to the paths of the beautiful, 'sclusive Susquehanna State Park for an invigorating excursion into the depths of 'scluseness in nature. With their canine companion, Roxy, they gather inspiration from trees, trails, train tracks and, of course, the Wu Tang Clan.

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‘ScluseTV Ep.1: Searching for SwampSquatch

January 4, 2012 in 'ScluseTV

‘ScluseTV Ep.1: Searching for SwampSquatch from The Scluse Tube.

On the first episode of 'ScluseTV, Reverend Guy Wallis searches the deepest regions of the swamp located behind his home, "the Swamp House," for the fabled, legendary "SwampSquatch." See what transpires in this riveting first look into the world of swamps, squatches, and 'scluseness.

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